DUIs, Drug Charges and Daytona Beach: A Criminal Lawyer’s Perspective

Motorcycle Brace yourselves, Volusia County: Bike Week 2014 is almost here. Whether you plan on attending any of the festivities or not, you should be aware of the watchful eye of the police and the noticeable increase in pullovers and arrests for traffic violations, DUIs and drug charges at this time of year.

Just like any tourist destination, Daytona maintains a solid police presence to keep both tourists and residents safe, particularly during the annual events that send party people flocking to the area. During Bike Week, the combination of packed venues, busy streets, noisy crowds, flowing alcohol, and plenty of nefarious substances–all coupled with an increased police presence–definitely creates a recipe for a rise in the number of arrests.

I’d like to remind all Daytona Beach and Volusia County residents to keep both their own personal safety and the increased threat of looming authorities in mind as Bike Week is on the horizon.

Here are a couple of tips keep the authorities off your back and your criminal record clean:

  • Stay Under the Radar - Of course I recommend that no one drive under the influence; however, if you’ve knocked a couple back and decide to step behind the wheel, make sure to keep your windows up, your music low, and drive like a soccer mom. Leave the revving engine and pumping bass out of the equation until you’re sober, and if you’re a smoker—simply wait until you’re safely home to light up. Basically, don’t do anything that will attract attention to you or your vehicle; this will keep police attention off of you, and it’ll also get you in the mindset of just focusing on the road so you can make it to your destination without harming yourself or others.

  • Be Polite and Know Your Options - If you fail to stay under the radar, and you see those flashing lights behind you—First of all, find a very safe place to pull over. If at this point you know you’re in danger of getting a DUI, the rule is to be nice and concise: Simply give the officer your name, license, insurance, and registration in a polite manner and know that you have the right to remain silent. Don’t speak up, don’t challenge the officer stopping you, and remember that any field sobriety exercises will be used by the police to build evidenceagainst you. Even the slightest buzz can falter your performance and will end up looking like drunken antics on an exaggerated police report. Remember: You can choose not to take sobriety tests, just know that you will be arrested. However, if you’re driving drunk you’ll be arrested no matter what, so why give the authorities more evidence to use against you?

  • Record Your Experience and Hire an Attorney* - If you’re pulled over and arrested for a DUI or caught for drug charges, the police officer must give you a reasonable opportunity to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. Make sure that he or she writes down you requested to speak with an attorney, and as soon as you’re able, you should also write down a record of the events surrounding your arrest (as well as any details of your interaction with police). Your defense attorney will need to build a case based on events before, during and after you get stopped. It’s crucial you record your activities the day/evening of your arrest and contact an attorney for your best defense against DUI or drug charges.

If you’re caught, charged and arrested in Daytona Beach (whether for DUI, marijuana possession, or another felony or misdemeanor criminal charge) and are in need of an aggressive criminal defense attorney, consider Thompson Law, P.A. for your legal needs.

Thompson Law, P.A. is a small firm committed to getting you “big firm” results when it comes to your criminal defense. With the personal attention of a dedicated attorney, and a lawyer that has experience prosecuting and defending cases on both sides of the courtroom, you’re guaranteed the best possible legal strategy for your criminal defense. Contact Thompson Law, P.A. today for a free consultation: (386) 280-4977.

*Thompson Law, P.A. is available 24/7/365! Keep my number with you at all times (either in your cellphone, purse or wallet), and contact me anytime, day or night, for legal counsel immediately following a DUI, felony or misdemeanor charge.
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