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OK, so you or a loved one has been caught drinking and driving. The first thing you should know is that Florida takes DUIs quite seriously, and if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Orange City, Fl or surrounding Volusia County areas, it's likely you will need the guidance and defense of an experienced DUI lawyer or criminal attorney.

I have countless years of experience both prosecuting and defending cases, and DUI defense is nothing new to me. Whether it's your first DUI offense, or you're a repeat DUI offender, it's important that you take steps to picking the right attorney so that you have the best chance of resolving your case in the best manner possible so that you can go back to life as usual.

Things to Remember When Choosing a DUI Defense Attorney
  • Make sure they're going to be the one actually representing you - It's all too common for DUI offenders to hire an attorney, only to find out that the lawyer they thought would be digging into their case and representing them in court is not the actual lawyer that will be mostly handling their case.

  • Ensure that your attorney is likeable, and that you think they're a good person - If your potential lawyer is deadpan or aloof – perhaps snobby or hurried, maybe even just a regular jerk – then you'd better go elsewhere. You want an attorney that will be straight-up and honest with you about your DUI charge and your case; however, you want to hire a likeable person so that their personality puts you (and the judge or jury deciding on your case) at ease.

  • You should feel respected and heard - Your attorney shouldn't be the only one talking in the consultation after you're charged with a DUI. Make sure the lawyer you're thinking of hiring gives you the respect and time of day to tell your story the way you see it. If your attorney is dismissive or disrespectful to you – bolt! Lawyers are no worse or better than anyone else – there are good ones and bad ones just like in any profession. If your potential DUI lawyer is not treating you or others in your circle as an equal, then you probably should keep Googling or hitting the phone book until you find one that hears you out on your level.

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