Representation by Appointment: What the Words “Criminal Attorney” Really Mean

“Lawyer” is a pretty self-explanatory word, a lot like “Lawman” or “Law-abiding citizen.” Lawyers do law, like cooks do cooking and teachers do teaching.

But what about attorneys? What separates a lawyer from an attorney, if anything? And how should you approach a criminal lawyer differently than, say, a civil trial lawyer?

Finding the Perfect Medium for Your Message: Criminal Law Takes Personal Attention Down to Brass Tacks

In any criminal case, the buzzword is always the exact same: the Truth, capital T. The problem lies in all of the “lowercase” truths, the different versions of actual events that start appearing when the first witness hits the stand.

As your personal criminal defense representation, it’s my job to shed the most favorable light on your case that I can—and my years of experience in the criminal defense field make me better suited to do so than an attorney that specializes in family law or another unrelated field. I only accept a maximum of 10 new cases a month, so you can be assured that I will devote the time necessary to defend the allegations against you.

Classical Knowledge that Gets Modern Results: How Old Practices Can Shape New Verdicts

Here at Thompson Law, we’re big believers in the classics, and the precedents they set—so we’re going back to the root of the word attorney to find out how our criminal defense can better represent you.

Ego Sum Iurus, Ergo…What?: Decoding a Dead Language, for a History of Success

Latin has been a dead language for a long time, but that doesn’t change its standing as one of the first and finest example of western legal process. “Attorney” comes from a 15th century French adaptation of an even older word, meaning “to appoint,” or “one who has been appointed.”

This might sound familiar: in any U.S. criminal case, if you can’t afford a criminal lawyer (whether it’s for DUI or murder) one will be appointed for you, by the same State that’s prosecuting you.

State criminal defense lawyers are trained to work with their employer (surprise!) to plea down your case, and resolve it with as little hassle a possible—this might sound like a good thing, but what if the details aren’t so cut and dry?

Latin, French, English…Whatever—‘Justice for All’ Speaks Loudly in all Languages

Whether you find yourself in a Volusia County courtroom for DUI, assault, felony theft, or something more serious, it pays to have representation that’s going to work in your best interests, not the State’s.

Hiring a respected criminal law attorney goes a long way by itself in showing that you’re serious about pleading your case:

  • It means no freebies for the State Prosecutor
  • You’re more likely to see a judge sooner
  • You have retained the services of a true advocate—one who’s own success is based on your own.

For a criminal defense attorney with a proven history of success in Daytona Beach and elsewhere in Volusia County, you can trust Thompson Law’s 15+ years of experience to represent you. Give us a call at (386) 280-4977 to get a handle on your case, and start fighting back for your rights today.

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