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What if I Get Arrested While on Vacation in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach is a vacation destination for people all around the world. Some travel to Daytona Beach to attend the Daytona 500, or the Rolex 24 races. Others travel to the nightlife during Spring Break. Many flock to Daytona Beach to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bike Week or Biketoberfest. And some travel just to get some time away at the World’s Most Famous Beach. No matter your pleasure, the influx of people and alcohol can sour your vacation with an arrest. The only thing worse than being arrested, is being arrested far away from home.

Hiring a Local Attorney

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested while on vacation in Daytona Beach, you will have to find a lawyer who is licensed in the State of Florida. So if you are from Michigan and have an attorney you trust who lives in Michigan, unless that attorney has taken (and passed) the Florida Bar Exam and is licensed in the State of Florida, that attorney cannot handle your case here in Daytona Beach.

If you are in the unfortunate position of having to blindly search for an attorney in Volusia County, do your research before you hire someone. I have written articles about what to ask an attorney before you hire them, and the importance of hiring a local attorney. Read these articles and be prepared to ask questions during your consultation.

Should I Bond Someone Out Before Hiring an Attorney?

This is a personal preference and a difficult question to answer. What I do know is that the most important thing to the person who got arrested is getting out of jail. That being said, at Thompson Law, P.A., Attorney Thompson will address the issue of bond during your free consultation. Attorney Thompson will take the necessary actions to try to get the bond reduced to something a bit more affordable. Attorney Thompson understands that his client has already spent money to be on vacation that saving costs to his client (and his client’s family) is of the utmost importance.

Another issue that many out-of-towners face is getting a bondsman to post a bond. Someone who has no ties to the community of Daytona Beach is inherently a flight risk. This can be troublesome for some bondsmen. Attorney Thompson will file the necessary paperwork to appear on his client’s behalf to help assure the court, and the bondsman, that his client will be present and accounted for at all court hearings.

Appearances for Court

Attorney Thompson will file a Waiver of Appearance for his clients. This assures the Judge that Attorney Thompson will appear to court. This allows the client to save money and avoid the expense of traveling each month to attend court. In criminal court, mandatory court dates are scheduled EVERY month and the Defendant is required to attend every hearing or they face a having a warrant issued for “Failure to Appear.” It would be excessively costly and stressful to travel to each court hearing monthly. Allow Attorney Thompson to be your eyes and ears while your court case is pending.

How is a Case Resolved for Someone Who Lives Out of State?

Attorney Thompson has vast experience with handling cases locally for people who do not live in Volusia County. There are many tricks of the trade and Attorney Thompson can review your options with you during your free consultation. Just know that Attorney Thompson works tirelessly to avoid surprises in your case and to avoid his clients from having to attend court unless absolutely necessary. If your appearance in court is required, Attorney Thompson will take the necessary steps to ensure that you are available and have the time and resources to travel to attend the hearing.

How can an Out of State Client Meet with the Attorney and Reviews the Client File?

Since its inception, Thompson Law, P.A. has been a paperless firm. The idea was to not only make it easier and less time consuming for our client, but to maintain transparency with our client. Transparency is of the utmost importance in having a positive attorney/client relationship. And it proves to be even more helpful to our clients who live out of State. Attorney Thompson allows his clients to have full access to view their client file at their pleasure. You can read Attorney Thompson’s notes, thoughts, pleadings filed, and research in your case. This allows you and your attorney to be looking at the same document, at the same time, while discussing your case in different areas of the country. This way you can be sure that the work you expect to be completed on your case is getting done, and getting done on time. Attorney Thompson takes pride in getting to know his clients, so that he knows the best way to resolve a case. To assist with those who live out of State, Attorney Thompson has set up Skype capabilities to enable the face-to-face contact that can be so important.

If you, or someone you know, has been arrested while on vacation in Daytona Beach, please schedule a free consultation with Attorney Thompson by contacting us at (386) 463-4LAW (4529), toll free at (877) 934-4LAW (4529), or text Attorney Thompson directly at (386) 337-2219. Your consultation can be scheduled in DeLand or Daytona Beach, or VIA SKYPE, depending on your location, we make it easy and convenient for you to get the legal representation you need.

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"In the past thirteen years we have used several lawyers and found them lacking. We have found Attorney Matt Thompson very pleasant to work with. He was very detailed and listened with true compassion. We were impressed with his straightforwardness and what seems to be a NO promises attitude. I would rather hear the truth than lie to make me feel better. His approach was simple, honest, and we especially liked his preparedness of the case." Susan
"Thompson Law I've known Matt for several years. He is very knowledgable, professional and trust worthy. I used him in a legal matter and he provided excellent legal advice." Austin
"Great lawyer Matt Thompson runs a small local law firm, which has minimal staff; however, don't be fooled this is on purpose. Matt is very professional courteous, and knows the law inside and out. He is a great person to have in your corner. He is very personalized in individual attention to his clients and their struggles. Matt Thompson is a champion for the peoples rights. I couldn't have had a better lawyer during my time of need, and I highly recommend him for all issues involving the law." Aaron
"Top Class Attorney My experience with Matt as nothing short of fantastic...he was excellent to work with and I would have no hesitation in hiring him to represent me or my company again." Gerard
"From your first meeting you can tell Thompson Law puts in the same amount of attention and care for every client. You will not be put on a back burner and ignored with them. Highly recommend taking your business here." Derek