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The Grove

Center Hill Thompson Law, P.A., a “Florida Firm,” uses the “orange” as its symbol. I modeled this firm in the spirit of my proud and longstanding Florida heritage. The orange as a symbol is inspired by a place my family affectionately calls “the Grove.” The Grove is plot of land situated in Centerhill, Florida, in Sumter County.

The Grove is where my great grandfather, Claude William Thompson, Sr. (“Tommy”) was born and raised. My great grandfather eventually moved to Lakeland with my great grandmother, Lois, and they had my grandfather, Claude Jr. In 1951, my grandfather started teaching high school in Lakeland, Florida. In 1953, he married my grandmother, or as we call her, “Nana.” Now with a young family on the way, my grandfather needed to supplement his income, so he started buying plots of land that surrounded his land through tax deeds sales that literally occurred, on the steps of the courthouse.

Sky Once my grandfather owned enough land, he started an orange grove, where the name comes from. He taught himself to plant orange trees by grafting the trees, an art that requires special treatment to the young tree to prevent it from being killed by weeds and bugs. Grafting trees requires endless labor, but it’s far less expensive than buying small orange trees.

In their Pontiac coup, my grandfather and grandmother strung up barbed wire fence around the property. They would drive 2 hours to the Grove in that same Pontiac every Saturday and back on Sunday to remove the weeds around the sour orange rootstock so each tree would survive. They watered each tree using a Maxwell House coffee can with holes poked in the bottom that they would fill with water. They would remove the weeds and replace the bad dirt with good. Eventually, the young trees became full grown, and a packinghouse would pick the oranges and my grandfather would sell them to local stores and distributors.

Oranges My grandfather retired from teaching in 1979 and the orange trees lasted about 20 years until the freezes became too much. The Grove is still there, and I still go pay it a visit every now and again. Some of the original surviving orange trees still remain. Those orange trees have seen my entire family grow up. Those orange trees are the product of my family’s hard work. When I sit down at my desk and do work for my clients, that orange is there to remind me what it means to work hard and build something on my own.

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Client Reviews
"In the past thirteen years we have used several lawyers and found them lacking. We have found Attorney Matt Thompson very pleasant to work with. He was very detailed and listened with true compassion. We were impressed with his straightforwardness and what seems to be a NO promises attitude. I would rather hear the truth than lie to make me feel better. His approach was simple, honest, and we especially liked his preparedness of the case." Susan
"Thompson Law I've known Matt for several years. He is very knowledgable, professional and trust worthy. I used him in a legal matter and he provided excellent legal advice." Austin
"Great lawyer Matt Thompson runs a small local law firm, which has minimal staff; however, don't be fooled this is on purpose. Matt is very professional courteous, and knows the law inside and out. He is a great person to have in your corner. He is very personalized in individual attention to his clients and their struggles. Matt Thompson is a champion for the peoples rights. I couldn't have had a better lawyer during my time of need, and I highly recommend him for all issues involving the law." Aaron
"Top Class Attorney My experience with Matt as nothing short of fantastic...he was excellent to work with and I would have no hesitation in hiring him to represent me or my company again." Gerard
"From your first meeting you can tell Thompson Law puts in the same amount of attention and care for every client. You will not be put on a back burner and ignored with them. Highly recommend taking your business here." Derek