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Motorcycle Accidents

When I first moved to DeLand, the Mainstreet Association would throw a yearly “Bike Week” that was held in our lovely downtown. I remember hearing a few more motorcycles than normal in this area, but it was relatively subdued compared to its big brother, the Daytona Beach Bike Week. That is no longer true. DeLand, FL has earned its own reputation in Volusia County as a destination for thousands of motorcycle riders each year to gather, listen to music, and rub shoulders with other riders.

Having practiced in DeLand my entire career, I have encountered numerous motorcycle crashes and have had the pleasure of representing the victims of motorcycle crashes in claims against the insurance company. When speaking to victims of motorcycle crashes, I often run into the same two issues: (1) more severe injuries than a standard car crash, and (2) not enough insurance to cover those injuries.

Florida Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

The State of Florida requires that all drivers of vehicles (with more than two/three wheels) carry $10,000.00 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits. This protection covers 80% of your medical bills, up to $10,000.00, no matter who is at fault in the accident. For motorcycle riders, insurance companies do not offer PIP coverage. To meet Florida’s insurance requirements, riders must have at least $10,000.00 in medical coverage, which can be through your medical healthcare coverage.

Attorney Matt Thompson’s experience as an attorney in Volusia County has taught him some very important lessons. First and foremost, leaving the scene of a crash is becoming more routine than it ever has been. In fact, largely because of this increase, the legislature has recently passed new laws that increase the penalties for those who leave a crash victim. Attorney Thompson has also learned that too often, drivers only carry the minimum bodily injury coverage ($10,000.00). Bodily injury coverage is required in the State of Florida to cover the cost of injuries to others when an accident is your fault. Some people choose to increase that coverage, but most are too worried about their monthly budget to consider an increase. If that is the case, you may be limited to what you can recover.

In the State of Florida, motorcycle riders are not required to wear helmets. Nowadays with the advent of smart phones, many people are too worried about changing the song playing on their phone, texting a friend, or looking at GPS directions, to pay attention to the motorcyclist in the lane next to them, or stopped at the stop light in front of them. With having virtually no protection surrounding them, motorcycle riders are at greater risk of permanent injury and disfigurement.

Because you cannot trust those around you to pay attention to motorcycle riders, carry sufficient insurance to cover your injuries, or even stay at the scene and report what happened, the only thing you can do is protect yourself. Uninsured motorist coverage (“UM”) is a viable option that guarantees that there will be sufficient insurance available if you are in a motorcycle crash. You can purchase UM coverage and add the option that it be “stacked.” Having “stacked” UM coverage can extend your coverage to your motorcycle. But do not be fooled, just because you have the insurance available, it does not mean that your own insurance company will pay you the benefits you deserve. Even though you are a client, you are a “bottom line.” Your own insurance company will become your opponent. Some of the most hard-fought battles Attorney Matt Thompson has endured for his clients have been in UM claims against his client’s own insurance companies.

Attorney Thompson will fight for you if you have been injured in a motorcycle crash. Attorney Thompson has the experience and knowledge to handle these claims on your behalf, and has the ability to guide you through the process. Settling your claim is only part of what Attorney Thompson will do for you. Unlike many personal injury firms, Attorney Thompson limits the number of cases he handles. This allows your attorney to be available to speak to you, instead of a paralegal or a case manager. If you have questions during your treatment, you can pick up the phone and dial Attorney Thompson directly to his cell phone with your question. Having a full understanding of not only your case, but your individual needs and struggles, assists Attorney Thompson in preparing your case for trial. Each case is different, each client is different, call Thompson Law, P.A. today to set up a free consultation to meet Attorney Thompson to let him get to you know. Call (386) 463-4LAW (4529), or toll free at (877) 934-4LAW (4529).

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"In the past thirteen years we have used several lawyers and found them lacking. We have found Attorney Matt Thompson very pleasant to work with. He was very detailed and listened with true compassion. We were impressed with his straightforwardness and what seems to be a NO promises attitude. I would rather hear the truth than lie to make me feel better. His approach was simple, honest, and we especially liked his preparedness of the case." Susan
"Thompson Law I've known Matt for several years. He is very knowledgable, professional and trust worthy. I used him in a legal matter and he provided excellent legal advice." Austin
"Great lawyer Matt Thompson runs a small local law firm, which has minimal staff; however, don't be fooled this is on purpose. Matt is very professional courteous, and knows the law inside and out. He is a great person to have in your corner. He is very personalized in individual attention to his clients and their struggles. Matt Thompson is a champion for the peoples rights. I couldn't have had a better lawyer during my time of need, and I highly recommend him for all issues involving the law." Aaron
"Top Class Attorney My experience with Matt as nothing short of fantastic...he was excellent to work with and I would have no hesitation in hiring him to represent me or my company again." Gerard
"From your first meeting you can tell Thompson Law puts in the same amount of attention and care for every client. You will not be put on a back burner and ignored with them. Highly recommend taking your business here." Derek