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Since my very first day practicing law, I have been inside a courtroom. I have worked hard to perfect the skills needed to review the evidence in your case, build your case, and try your case. I focus on each individual case and each individual client to choose the best experts for you. There is no case too small, there is no case too large, for us to handle.

I have worked for firms that handle personal injury cases, and each case is assigned to a “case worker.” My firm is designed to provide you with personal attention. When you call my firm, you speak to me. Helping me organize your case is Jessie Ritz, our Injury Claims Specialist. Jessie not only has the requisite legal experience to handle your case, but the personal experience to assist you with your needs. Jessie spent the majority of her childhood fighting off illness and coping with primary immune deficiency that she was born with due to exposure to toxic chemicals. Jessie herself spent five years in a lawsuit trying to obtain some compensation for a life’s worth of medical expenses. It is this experience that led her to law school and to Thompson Law. Jessie uses her personal experience to know what our clients are going through, how they may be feeling after suffering an injury, and what to expect in their case. She has been in your shoes and works tirelessly to help you with your needs.

We do not complicate your case. We make it simple for you to obtain updates on your case, to talk to your attorney, and work with me to obtain the best possible result in your injury case. Thompson Law offers free consultations to discuss your auto accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, and premises/product liability case, immediately.

Please call me today so I can sit with you and evaluate your case for free. Remember, you do not pay any money down, I do not get paid until you get paid.

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