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DUI Attorneys in High Demand on the Streets of DeLand Thompson Law, P.A. will provide you with DUI Defense in Volusia County...

A DUI is a life-changing event, whether it involves an actual accident or not. Issues of licensure, property damages and personal health can all be compromised, and sometimes it seems impossible to sift through the mountain of legalese arriving at your doorstep.

Guard Your Future with Aggressive DUI Defense from Thompson Law, P.A.

Choosing the right attorney can be an arduous task, regardless of the current status of your legal case. See the tips below before you decide on a lawyer to represent you in your DUI case.

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Some things to consider...

  • Will my lawyer be aggressive? The justice system is not for the faint of heart, and retaining assured and confident representation is key to getting your voice heard.
  • Is the attorney I choose knowledgeable about my case? In many instances, attorneys hand their cases off, leaving the finer details to be sorted out by paralegals and interns. Make sure that your lawyer is reviewing your case regularly, so they know all the facts.
  • How much experience does my legal counsel have, and will he put it to work for me? Too many lawyers advertise their services in legal areas they have very little experience in—and can thus don’t know all the avenues leading to justice. The right connection in the courtroom can go a long way. Make sure your attorney’s been there long enough to make the connections you need.

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Matt Thompson has been a trial lawyer in the DeLand area for almost a decade, and wants to put his extensive trial experience to work resolving your DUI case.

Combining time-tested values and modern technological innovation, Thompson Law, P.A. is devoted to achieving the best possible result for each client.

Matt’s aggressive, individual style of representation will expedite your journey through the maze of the Florida legal system— delivering a clear, concise understanding of the process. If you’ve been charged with a DUI infraction, charge Matt Thompson with the responsibility of representing you in court.

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