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Look to Thompson Law, P.A. for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Deltona, FL

Attorney Matt Thompson is a former Florida prosecutor and a longtime Volusia County lawyer. He's been practicing criminal defense under his own private firm since 2013, and he has the dedicated, aggressive approach (and the personalized attention) needed when you're charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense in Deltona, Florida.

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Since opening his own firm, Matt Thompson has helped numerous residents of Deltona and the surrounding areas with troubling, complicated issues involving an arrest or citation for a crime. 

A Florida-Focused Criminal Defense Attorney for Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses

Matt Thompson knows the laws of Florida inside and out and works to steadfastly to resolve his clients' issues, all while protecting their rights and telling the whole story in front of a judge, courtroom or jury. Whether you're an adult facing a DUI, drug charge, or another serious criminal offense – or the parent of a juvenile that has committed a crime – attorney Matt Thompson has the attentive, available, and sound legal guidance you need in a very challenging time for yourself and your loved ones.

A Private Law Practice Affords You the Personal Attention Your Case Deserves

When you contact criminal attorney Matt Thompson, you will speak to him – not a receptionist or legal aid. From the get-go you will receive thoughtful, dependable advice from someone with an incredible track record for bringing light to situations that may otherwise cause great legal strife and much heartache.

Your Criminal Case Can't Wait - Call Attorney Matt Thompson Directly to Resolve Your Legal Woes

In cases of criminal offense (especially for traffic, DUI, and drug crimes or arrests) it's important to get to the heart of the issue quickly. The quicker you contact an attorney and tell your story to a qualified lawyer who can listen, dissect, and bring light to your case–the more likely important facts about the events surrounding your situation will not be lost with time.

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