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Cabbie “All HAIL the Cabbie”
Going to any social function as a criminal defense attorney has its ups and downs.  Criminal defense attorneys are never devoid of a good war story that can entertain a group. Read More >
GroveThe Grove
Thompson Law, P.A., a “Florida Firm,” uses the “orange” as its symbol. I modeled this firm in the spirit of my proud and longstanding Florida heritage. 
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legal beagles Legal Beagles (A Golden and A Corgi's Influence)
I have noticed a trend of attorneys who are using their dogs in their television commercials and billboards.
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Can Text Messages and Emails Be Used Against Me in My Divorce?
"While going through a divorce my soon to be ex-wife went into my cell phone and took pictures of text message conversations
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Marriage and Personal Property Know Your Rights
For some, going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things a person will ever endure. One frequently asked question is, "how will my spouse and I divide all of our personal possessions?"
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Time Well Spent
In 2006, I started working as a prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office right here in DeLand, Florida. My first day was overwhelming to say the least...
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Steps to Choosing an Attorney After a DUI Charge or Arrest - Orange City, FL DUI Defense at Thompson Law, P.A.
OK, so you or a loved one has been caught drinking and driving. The first thing you should know is that Florida takes DUIs quite seriously, and if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Orange City, Fl or surrounding Volusia County areas, it's likely you will need the guidance and defense of an experienced DUI lawyer or criminal attorney.
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Thompson Law, P.A. - Child Custody Lawyer for Orange City and DeBary Families
If you're entering the realm of child custody proceedings, look for a family law lawyer with the time and attention to get to know you, your situation, your child, and your history as a parent.
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Matt Thompson: A DUI Attorney Deltona Residents Can Count On, Personally
DUIs happen to good people, and a lot comes into play if you're facing one or multiple DUI charges in Volusia County.
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Family Law Matters: Divorce Attorney Matt Thompson Brings Depth and Focus to Due Process in DeLand
Due process is guaranteed to every litigant in the Sunshine State, and you’ll need every bit of it to get the results you want out of your family law case.
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Representation By Appointment: What The Words “Criminal Attorney” Really Mean
"Lawyer" is a pretty self-explanatory word, a lot like "Lawman" or "Law-abiding citizen." Lawyers do law, like cooks do cooking and teachers do teaching.
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Senate Bill 1030 is a Go - Rick Scott Legalizes Medical Marijuana In Florida
Florida has joined the ranks of states that have legalized medical marijuana - but there’s a catch: It’s just low-grade marijuana, and the bill only applies to children.
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Top 5 Tips on How to Survive a Divorce, American-style
Divorce is never easy for any of the parties involved and maneuvering through the divorce process is daunting, so here are the top five tips on how to survive a divorce.
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DUI Do's and Don'ts: Celebrity Edition
Some DUI lessons from celebrities such as David Cassidy, Mel Gibson, and Cat Cora.
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DUIs, Drug Charges and Daytona Beach: A Criminal Lawyer’s Perspective
Here are a couple of tips keep the authorities off your back and your criminal record clean during Daytona's Bike Week.
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Thompson Law, P.A. – Your Volusia County Source for Aggressive Criminal Defense
If you find yourself charged with drug possession, DUI, or other felony or misdemeanor offenses, Thompson Law, P.A. can help.
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You’ve Been Charged With Marijuana Possession, Now What Steps Should You Take?
Possession of marijuana may seem like a harmless crime to some – but Florida shells out some pretty serious consequences to individuals convicted of the crime.
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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Criminal Attorney Before Hiring One
This post includes five questions that will help you connect with the right criminal attorney, so you can be on your way to securing the best possible representation.
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